Public Works

Municipalities and transportation departments depend on Sprung Structures for many of their public works projects. Tensioned membrane structures are an extremely cost-effective building solution that can be assembled in a fraction of the time it takes to build a conventional structure. They are ideal for salt and sand storage, maintenance shelter facilities and much more. Sprung structures provide bright, energy-efficient clearspan public works facilities that take advantage of natural daylight, and a non-corroding aluminum substructure guaranteed to last at least 50 years.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sprung

  1. Unmatched Worldwide Reputation – Invest in the most reliable, versatile and technically advanced structures in the world: Sprung has erected 12,000 structures in more than 100 countries.
  2. Engineered for Even the Most Extreme Climates – Enjoy peace of mind: Sprung structures are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  3. Immediate Delivery from Inventory – Complete projects in a much shorter time-frame than conventional construction.
  4. Rust-Free Aluminum Substructure – Outperforms galvanized steel pipe alternatives.
  5. Lease with Option to Purchase – Increase your cash flow savings with Sprung’s convenient in-house leasing program.

Examples of Sprung at Work

  • Warehousing Space
  • Fire Stations
  • Emergency Facilities
  • Administration Offices
  • Highway Maintenance Vehicle Facilities
  • Other Public Works Buildings

Choose Sprung for Public Works Facilities

Public administrators including purchasing agents, bureaucrats, and transportation officials, have already made Sprung their building solution. Sprung structures have been used as sustainable salt storage and sand storage facilities for the state of Nevada and City of Chicago, as vehicle maintenance shelter facilities for the City of South Jordan, Utah, as emergency fire rescue facilities for the city of Atlanta, and as a variety of public works buildings for the City of Broomfield, Colorado.

With attractive leasing rates, optional insulation packages, and the capability for easy and quick relocation and customization, Sprung structures are ready to adapt to any public works project needs. Contact a Sprung representative to get started today.

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