Temporary Storage Structures

On-site temporary storage structures can be an asset of great importance for the organizational growth of a company. Compared to conventional buildings, portable warehouse buildings can serve as an economical, sustainable, and flexible alternative to make adjustable changes as per the end-user’s needs. At Sprung, the warehouse serving as a temporary manufacturing facility is made to enhance the productive outcomes by forming a building with a capacious portable atrium, perfect lighting, advanced with directive accessories, and fashioned with finest quality fabric. Sprung has successfully produced temporary warehouse structures up to 160 feet that do not require any foundations if the soil conditions are appropriate, thus redeeming more money.

Moreover, the temporary storage we have created can be moved on wheels, even in the form of fully-built structures. Sprung has competently delivered results to the customers in the implementation of difficult projects with a data-driven approach. In case you are looking for a company to can assist you in your crucial projects requiring temporary or permanent warehouse structures, Sprung can be your fully dedicated service provider from quotation till installation. For more details on fabric storage buildings, give us a call today.

Benefits Of A Temporary Warehouse

At Sprung, we value the importance of growing requisite for temporary warehouse structures, which can be time and money-saving options for many operative purposes in developing businesses. In addition, temporary warehouse buildings can serve you while you are short on resources and looking forward to expanding your industry horizons with some new projects up your sleeves. Sprung has maintained a high standard in providing bespoke-sized temporary storage warehouse that are economical, portable, and can be a quick solution for any temporary storage inventory or manufacturing facility.

Time & Money-Saving

The value these portable warehouse buildings offer is that they conserve time in terms of quick setting, accessories in range, and location accessibility to save transport time. Since time is money, your monetary needs are eventually also taken care of if you are holding on time. Temporary storage structures manufactured by Sprung top this time-saving benefit because they can be structured, disassembled, and rearranged at any desirable site swiftly.


In terms of money-saving, maintenance can be a big challenge for off-site warehouses. On-site fabric storage buildings can be an easy solution for cost-cutting. The temporary warehouse structures have durable aluminum frames that do not require much maintenance like traditional structures.

Roof Coverings

Perfect lighting in temporary warehouse buildings could cause productivity impairment. But at Sprung, the roof-coverings are made with white PVC casing to ensure proper natural light permeability, in addition to heat regulation, UV protection, and ventilation inside the closed facility.

Access Options

Sprung gives its customers tailored door options depending upon the operative needs. The multiple access points to temporary storage warehouse provide ease of mobility and other benefits from cargo doors to hangar and personnel doors.


Sprung produces temporary storage structures, keeping in mind diverse environmental conditions in the UAE, including other countries. These structures are super resilient to weather conditions such as sandstorms, hurricanes, strong winds, and even snow piling.

Applications Of Portable Warehouse Buildings

  • Processing Accommodations
  • Weather-Sensitive Arenas
  • Cataloging Distribution Facilities
  • Aircraft Sheds
  • Temporary Manufacturing Facility
  • Sorting Facilities
  • Portable Warehouse Buildings
  • Temporary Warehouse Solutions
  • Clear span Storage Structures
  • Temporary Storage Buildings
  • Frozen Locker Structures
  • Consignment & Reception
  • Factory Rebuild
  • Bulk Managing Storage

Learn more from our catalog the never-ending applications of temporary warehouse structures.

Why Choose Us?

Our experienced insights at Sprung in planning, designing, and manufacturing temporary storage structures have led us to provide the best solutions to our customers over the years. From delivering projects on time to providing quality service, with us you are guaranteed of it all. Moreover, we thrive on ensuring our customers affordability and reliability. Our customer-focused approach has been a harbinger of our success in maintaining long-term relationships and continuous networking.

Sprung has proudly catered to various established projects over time, such as our structures used as processing accommodation and cargo arrangement for Polar Air Cargo, Holland, and Fed Ex California. In addition to clear span structures to Denver International Airport. Working using attention to detail ensures our team is able to deliver excellent results. We combine our extensive knowledge with complex production techniques and make them suited for handling, making our fabric storage buildings rank among the best in the world. You are welcome to do business with us and know that our portable warehouse buildings will be the perfect choice for you. Contact us on: +971.508312274

Why Do You Need Temporary Storage Warehouse?

The sure shot advantages associated with the extensive applications of a temporary storage warehouse make them highly desirable commodities for many industrial, commercial, and domestic purposes.

Temporary storage structures by Sprung can be of paramount importance for many construction projects requiring portable cold storage, fabric storage building, temporary manufacturing facility, and temporary or permanent warehouse structures. At Sprung, the highest quality temporary warehouses are designed with innovation and technology.

Bulk Storage

A perfect fit-to-size solution for businesses requiring large square feet of storage in bulk. They can customize these temporary warehouse structures by Sprung resourcefully, rendering their storage needs.

Cold Storage

A temporary warehouse can serve at any temperature. Remote control temperature management systems offer many businesses the most sought-after frozen collection structures to perform efficiently. Sprung manufactures highest quality cold storage buildings equipped with high-tech accessories.

Perfect Appearance

At Sprung, we offer clear span warehouses free from obstructive pillar designs with a large selection of windows panes for daylight permeability, insulation packages, and consignment door solutions.


A temporary warehouse is an easily relocatable structure; Sprung designs these structures perfectly fitting to any size and location as they are comprised of galvanized steel and environmentally friendly fabrics adjustable to any weather condition.

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