Rapid Response Healthcare Facilities

Sprung builds emergency medical facilities and hospital additions

Sprung’s high-performance medical center structures are all-weather durable, can be shipped within days, built in as little as two weeks and offer superior indoor climate control. Our structures have been used by organizations around the world for emergency, temporary and long-term medical building needs.

Mississauga Hospital, Mississauga, Ontario
Peter Lougheed Hospital, Calgary, Alberta
Temporary structures for field hospitals. It can be erected on asphalt, concrete or earth.
Joseph Brant Hospital, Burlington, Ontario

We have immediate building solutions for:

  • Temporary and long-term intensive care units and overflow facilities.
  • Field hospitals to shelter medical staff, patients and equipment.
  • Temporary COVID-19 screening, testing, and containment centers.
  • Modular medical isolation shelters that adapt to house emergency hospital beds.
  • Pedestrian-entry triage shelters for patient screening and secure hospital entry.
  • Vehicle-entry shelters for security, navigation, and access to medical grounds.
  • Essential-worker spaces for use as hygiene facilities, briefing areas, food preparation units and emergency rest or break quarters.

Building with Sprung

  • 2-million square feet of inventory is kept available and ready to ship within days (or airfreight depending on circumstance).
  • Build insulated temporary hospitals at a rate of 1,000 sq. ft. per day (or 2,000 sq. ft. per day if non-insulated). Structures can be 30’ to 150’ wide, by any length.
  • Suitable for construction on existing concrete, asphalt parking lots or earth. Minimal subsurface foundation requirements for temporary medical emergency buildings up to 150’ wide.
  • Temporary emergency hospitals can be standalone or attached to existing buildings via Sprung’s sealed connecting corridor system (available in widths of 10′, 14’3″ or 19’2″), or butted directly to an existing building.
  • Fire-resistant exterior membrane that withstands hurricane-force winds, heavy snow loads and sustained temperatures from -51°C to +50°C.
  • Rust-free, military-grade aluminum substructure has an unlimited lifespan and superior durability.
  • Modular structure can be reconfigured and repurposed to meet changing medical emergency needs. Our structures are engineered for longevity and can be as permanent or as temporary as you choose.

  • Connecting a Sprung emergency pandemic facility to an existing hospital is easy with our connecting corridor system.

Sprung in Action

Building an Emergency Response Facility for the Joseph Brant Hospital, Burlington, Ontario, in just 14 days.

What a fast-paced project! In 22 days, Alberta Health Services, Sprung Structures, and CANA Construction built a 67 patient bed Covid-19 pandemic response unit.

Peter Lougheed Centre, Calgary – Pandemic Response Unit

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