Temporary Classrooms & Buildings for Education

Sprung offers temporary classroom buildings ideal for maintaining effective social distancing among students at educational institutes. In the current pandemic situation, schools, colleges and universities in the UAE must observe safety protocols within the campus. Through rapid construction of quality portable structures, we help campuses and training facilities maintain the essential social distancing norms. Using quality materials and cost-efficient design, we construct temporary classrooms in Dubai that meet all the present and long-term needs. With precise engineering and innovation, the portable buildings exhibit high functionality, advanced comfort and immense durability. Considering the futuristic requirements, our temporary classroom solutions are built with long-term design flexibility.

Physical Distancing in Temporary Classrooms

Our temporary classroom buildings for Rice University, during the pandemic situation, included everything from AC to AV.

These buildings comprised effectively designed temporary classrooms to maintain social distancing between students within the campus. Using advanced AV systems, few students were able to attend the class online, and thus, the professors could conduct an online and offline class at the same time.

  1. Immediate Shipping – With an extensive two-million square feet inventory, we deliver temporary classrooms and other structures in a minimal time of three-four weeks in the UAE.
  2. Rapid Construction – If you need to increase your existing campus capacity in Dubai with some temporary solutions, our team of qualified engineers and skilled workers can built non-insulated structures quickly with a speed of 2000 sq ft/ day; while for the insulated structure, it will be 1000 sq ft/ day.
  3. Customizable – Our customized temporary classroom buildings can be easily customized with advanced ventilation, peak-integrated daylight panels, fibreglass insulation packages, custom branding elements, glazing walls and more.
  4. Relocatable – To cope up with the dynamic nature, the structures can be easily reconfigured, relocated, dissembled and expanded according to the requirements of the education institutes and training facilities.
  5. Impeccable Interiors – The temporary classrooms are well-illuminated using glazing walls and natural daylight-based panels. This will, in turn, reduce your overall cost of energy consumption. With airtight enveloping and fibreglass insulation, the structures feature advanced climate control.
  6. Durable – Considering weather conditions like in the UAE, these classroom buildings are built to offer immense resilience to extremely hot climates. The exteriors include fire-resistant membranes that can endure temperatures from -60°F (-51°C) to 122°F (+50°C). The core strength is maintained using a military-grade aluminium substructure that prevents rust.
  7. Easy Foundation – Sprung’s temporary classrooms can be erected on existing asphalt parking lots, concrete, and more.
  8. Purchase or Lease – We offer a wide range of options from buying or leasing with a provision to purchase.
Sprung prefab buildings temporary structure
Sprung prefab buildings
Sprung tensile buildings temporary structure

What We Offer?

  • Classroom centers and schools
  • Lecture halls
  • Campus retail and bookstores
  • Food service
  • Gymnasiums and community centers
  • Administration and offices
  • Student study and libraries
  • Modular flex space
  • Training centers
  • Research facilities and laboratories
  • Mixed-use auditoriums
Lunchrooms Physical Distancing temporary buildings
Sprung buildings prefab structure classrooms
Sprung prefab buildings gymnasiumstructure

Education Projects

Sprung built projects for high-end universities such as Harvard Business School’s dining hall and Rockefeller University’s research facilities. We have offered temporary classrooms and physical education centres to K-12 schools globally. The following are few examples of our projects of temporary classroom buildings and training facilities.

Collingwood College Ireland Sprung Sports HallDartmouth Ivy College Student center Sprung BuildingDeslaurier High School Sprung buildingEdge School Sprung tent buildingElbow Park School Tent Buildingsprung Building Grand Canyon UniversityTent Building - Sprung StructureKutztown University Tent Pavilion Sprung StructureTent Pavilion A and T University Sprung StructureRegis University Srpung structure tent structure buildingRoanoke City Public Schools Tent Building Sprung Structure Rockefeeller UniversitySprung Structure San Francisco State University Annex LibraryJordan School district bus depot tent building sprungThe Lot University of California Sprung Tent and KTG Kitchen to GoTulane University sprung buildingUniversity of CincinnatiUniversity of Louisiana Sprung book store US Virgin Island Board of Education Gymnasiumsgymnasium