A Sprung structure is the ideal solution for retailers who require an immediate, year-round retail environment that can elevate shopping to a sophisticated experience. With convenient insulation packages, opportunities for theming and interior decorating, and the addition of display windows not found in regular retail tent constructions, Sprung structures offer superior aesthetics and great leasing opportunities for any permanent or temporary retail store building application. Quick construction times and limited foundation requirements also allow you to take advantage of emerging trends in newer markets worldwide.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Sprung

  1. Immediate Delivery from Inventory – Complete projects in a much shorter time-frame than conventional construction.
  2. Sunlight and a Bright, Welcoming Space – Daylight panels and glazing walls allow more natural light to penetrate and brighten up interior space.
  3. Superior Performing Insulation System – Achieve exceptional performance as well as lower operating and energy costs with Sprung’s airtight building envelope and fully lofted fiberglass insulation system.
  4. Lower Overall Project Costs – Dramatically reduce project timelines and costs, decrease operating and energy expenses.
  5. Lease with Option to Purchase – Increase your cash flow savings with Sprung’s convenient in-house leasing program.

Examples of Sprung at Work

  • Presentation Space
  • Mall Enclosures
  • Food Courts
  • Overflow Facilities
  • Large Retail Store Space
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Retail Sales Space
  • Glazing Wall Storefront Windows

Choose Sprung for Any Retail Store Building

Many members of the retail industry, including rapidly growing retail operations and professional sports facilities managers, have already made Sprung their retail building solution. Sprung structures have been used as retail store buildings for companies like the Los Angeles Dodgers, the San Francisco 49ers and Tulane University in New Orleans.

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