Comparison Matrix

We have developed an at-a-glance comparison matrix that demonstrates the different ways that Sprung tensioned membrane structures outperform and outlast pre-engineered metal and conventional construction buildings.

How Does a Sprung Structure Compare?



Sprung Structures

Pre-Engineered Metal Building

Conventional Construction


Sprung structures are normally delivered 3 weeks from order

6-16 weeks from order

8-12 months


Compact shipping: Sprung structures, up to 15,000 sq.ft. can be shipped in one 40′ ISO container or on one 48′ flatbed

6,000 sq.ft. per load



If appropriate soil conditions exist, concrete foundations are not required on Sprung structures up to 160′ wide

Yes – no exceptions

Yes – no exceptions

Construction time on building envelope

500 to 2000 sq.ft. per day, depending on options, complete with finished interior for a Sprung structure

After foundation is in place, a pre-engineered metal building can go up to 8,000 sq.ft within 4 weeks

12-18 months for conventional construction

Overall fast-track construction timeline. Groundbreaking to completion.

1-6 months for a Sprung structure

6-9 months for a pre-engineered metal building

12-18 months conventional construction

Maintenance schedule

A Sprung structure has a rust-free aluminum substructure. Sprung’s patented tensioning system does not require any retensioning of membrane panels for the life of the structure.

A standing seam metal roof is prone to large thermal movements. This causes leaks and requires continuous maintenance, especially at penetrations.

Regular maintenance is required.


Adding additional modules Sprung structure is easy

Renovation required

Renovation required

Exterior color options

Sprung structures offers unlimited color options



Flexibility to relocate




Daylight panels

Standard feature: daylight panels in peak of a Sprung structure provide an optimum amount of natural daylight

Significant extra cost

Significant extra cost

Airtight building Envelope Efficiency

Air permeability is almost 0 in a Sprung structure, resulting in superior energy performance.

Poor air-tightness

Moderate air-tightness


Excellent acoustical properties with our comprehensive insulation package and “soft wall” interior membrane

Significant additional costs associated with acoustic treatments needed to make a metal building acceptable for any application where acoustics are a concern (gymnasiums, public assembly, churches, casinos, offices etc.

Limited performance


Indefinite lifespan simply by replacing exterior membrane on a Sprung structure every 20-30 years depending on membrane selection

15-50 depending on quality level

Replace roof every 25+ years

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