Cafeteria and Dining Halls

Quality Dining Facilities for Hospitality

Millions of meals have been served in Sprung buildings around the world. Ivy league universities, mining operations, and the US military have all chosen Sprung Structures for their temporary dining facilities. Our large clear-span designs are designed for permanence, but engineered to be relocatable, providing a safe, practical dining area for any application, that can be relocated when needed.

Cafeteria and Dining Facilities

• Designed and engineered to meet local building codes like Title 24, class A roof
• Sprung structures are engineered for extreme wind and designed to shed snow
• Can be constructed at a rate of up to 2000 sq ft per day
• Highly tensioned exterior membrane provides quiet comfortable interior
• Limited foundation requirements saves time and money

• Daylight panels in peak allow natural daylight
• Exterior all weather door hoods for added safety in high precipitation environments
• Relocatable design adds flexibility for multi use applications
• Cost effective leasing program with option to purchase

Harvard Business School

Interim Dining
80′ wide x 110′ long
Full insulated. Attached seamlessly to KTG high-tech modular kitchen units.
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James Madison University

Harrisonburg, Virginia
Interim Dining Facility
100’wide x 195′ long
The Sprung structure is seamlessly connected to KTG’s modular units to create a full service
dining center.
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James Madison University temporary building for interim dining facility.
James Madison University Interim Dining

North Carolina A&T State University

Greensboro, North Carolina
90′ wide x 114′ long
The university decided to team with Sprung and Kitchens-To-Go (KTG) to provide a high quality temporary dining facility.
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Grand Canyon University

Phoenix, Arizona
Thunder Alley, Food Services
80′ wide x 198′ long
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Education - Grand Canyon University dining fabric structure

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, California
90′ wide x 150′ long
Fully insulated, Class A Roof assembly.
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Newmont, Penasquito, Mexico

Zacatecas, Mexico
110′ wide x 300′ long
This mosaic patterned lunchroom feeds 5,000 miners a day.

This Sprung structures has a beautiful mosaic pattern on this large lunch room at remote very busy mine site.
Large lunchroom prefab building