About Sprung

There is no other tensioned membrane structure in the world like a Sprung structure. Today, there are more than 12,000 Sprung structures in virtually every market sector around the world. Here’s why:

Sprung Provides a Highly Versatile Alternative to Conventional Construction

For four generations, Sprung has designed and patented a fabric membrane technology that not only outperforms other building alternatives, but also delivers rapid construction capabilities, total design flexibility, exceptional durability and longevity, and lower overall project costs.

Sprung Has Earned a Global Reputation for Unmatched Value

All over the world, we’ve completed over 12,000 projects—delivering a faster and better way to build in virtually every market sector. Our customers value our commitment to rapid construction, total design flexibility, unmatched performance and durability, and lower overall project costs.

Sprung Values Invention, Research and Development

  • We don’t just design and build high performance tensioned membrane structures, we invented and patented it—and we continue to find ways to improve it.
  • Our engineering and design team has put Sprung at the forefront of faster and better building solutions. We are continuously looking at ways to innovate.
  • We are always investigating ways to help our customers achieve energy and cost savings without compromising on quality and value.

Sprung Empowers Customers with Timely Solutions and Personalized Support

  • In business for over 120 years, the combined experience of our hundreds of worldwide employees exceeds 1,700 years.
  • We have manufacturing and distribution centers in North America and the Middle East, and offices around the world—regional, face-to-face solutions that online distributors cannot provide.
  • Over 2 million sq. ft. of inventory ensures exceptionally fast delivery and timely project completion.
  • If you have questions—even if not directly related to your purchase—we can help. From building permits to strategic alliances, we can help you find the right answers and make the right connections.

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